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Why You'll Love Our App

This is as simple as the native notes app of iOS but it let you deal with formulas as well. Add text, formulas, images and links to your notes.

Sync all your devices using iCloud

Back up all your notes in iCloud for updates everywhere. Write a note on your iPhone - instantly you'll have it on your iPad.

LaTeX-PDF with one tap

Every note can be viewed as a PDF document instantly - just switch the view.

Simply Scientific Notes

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Add Formulas to a Note

You can easily add formulas to a note. One way to do this is through the built-in graphical formula editor. Another possibility is the way through a Wikipedia link containing the corresponding formula.

Use Formulas from Websites

Add a link to the note. Open the link and surf to the corresponding page on Wikipedia. There, the formula can be easily selected.

Create a formula from LaTeX code

Just paste the latex code in the graphical formula editor.

Create a LaTeX-PDF of your notes at the touch of a finger.

Every note can be viewed as a PDF document instantly - just switch the view.

Edit your Formulas with a Graphical Editor

With the graphical formula editor you can easily enter the formula visually. LaTeX skills are not required.

Add graphics or links

Add attachments - graphics or links - to existing notes. Use the menu to share in Safari, Photos or many other apps.

"I wanted to create an app that made scientific notes for mathematical and physical ideas as simple and natural as notes without this scientific claim. There should be a place where all the ideas and notes on the various topics can be stored safely, retrievably and clearly. I wanted an easy way to create a latex PDF of the idea, to look at the whole thing in a clear and beautiful typography, without having to concentrate on latex. My scientific ideas should always be in the foreground."
Oliver Freitag
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There are many features that will help you to create your scientific notes.